Hi! I am Ivan, a product designer who loves to solve problems through research, design, and code.

From early 2018 until COVID-19 I had been working as the only product designer at GuestReady. I was involved in many stages of product development — from understanding the problems of business and users to designing solutions and sometimes getting hands dirty with code.

GuestReady Communication

Centralised guest communication platform — unified inbox for the main booking channels and a virtual call center.

Task assignment

Interface that enables operations team members to easily assign tasks to available agents.

Host Dashboard

Dashboard for GuestReady hosts where they can see the information about their revenues, occupancy rates and guest satisfaction.

Property Onboarding

Web app for property onboarding and redesign of the existing section with property info in the GuestReady admin.

GuestReady Admin

Redesign of the Property management software developed by the in-house product team.

In 2016 and 2017 I was working as a UX/UI designer at Pier31 Technologies. Working closely with other designers and developers significantly improved my design and coding skills.

In 2016 I finished Masters in Communication Design and New Media at the Faculty of Fine Arts — University of Lisbon


Tweeting Antennas

Interactive installation that translates geo-located tweets into the real-time movement of a roof TV antenna
For each alphabetic character the antennas move into the corresponding position of the Flag Semaphore System.

I am an active member of a non-profit association Buinho Creative Hub. In 2015 we created one of the very first rural FabLabs in Portugal.


Buinho is a place where creatives from all around the world come to spend some weeks or months. If you are about to make a trip to the middle of nowhere, it is very important that you trust the organisation that will host you. 

In 2014, during my internship at the Innovation office at the Faculty of Fine arts in Lisbon, I helped create Prototipo Lisboa — a place where students can explore alternative ways of learning through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Prototipo Lisboa

Prototipo Lisboa is a project created by Belas Artes Lisboa (Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon). It consists of a fab-lab, co-working space and innovation office that provides support to students in research and entrepreneurial initiatives.

During my studies in Klasse Kartak at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (2008 — 2012) I was always interested in experimental and interactive aspects of design.


Large scale interactive projection.

Dirección, no destino

Silkscreen print on treadmill.

Blood Money

Money and blood on canvas.