Buinho Identity and Website

I have been an active member of Buinho since it’s founding in 2015. I am contributing with the communication strategy, design and implementation.

Buinho is a a place where artists, makers, researchers, and other creatives can work on their projects in the unique rural environment in Alentejo, Portugal.

Visual identity

The main idea and motivation of Buinho is to create a place where new technologies and traditional crafts are combined, where digital makers and artisans, people from urban areas and the local communities can collaborate and learn from each other.

That same idea is reflected in the identity design that was inspired by local architecture and Maker movement.

Playful and serious

Buinho is a place where creatives from all around the world come to spend some weeks or months. If you are about to make a trip to the middle of nowhere, it is very important that you trust the organisation that will host you.

The website is usually the first contact that potential visitors have with our association. In order to gain trust, it was essential that the overall communication of Buinho strikes a good balance between playful and serious.


All the artists from Buinho residencies that I had the opportunity to talk to mentioned that after visiting the website they were more convinced to send their applications, and got more excited about the residency program.